Eight of Wands and Two of Wands Earring Set.

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Eight of Wands and Two of Wands Earring Set.


Tarot Readings: Talk About Your Future (Eight of Wands and Two of Wands)

You are so glad when they tell you the prognosis.

News comes to you of a very profitable investment.

You are going to be in a conversation about what you want the most.

From now on, express what you want in words.

Eight of Wands shows limbs flying one above the other, arcing downward. This illustration does not fit well with most of its field meanings, which is what Tarot Verbatim uses: ‘just the facts, ma’am.’ Eight of Wands is about communication (verbal, written, electronic, telepathic, smoke signals – any kind), and it means both ‘quickly’ and ‘increasingly’ or ‘more and more.’ It translates things like: any number of things, one after another, the news, said, talk, a lot of, one thing at a time, things, I keep (doing/saying, whatever), so many, express in words, repeat it over and over. You get the idea.

…………………………..     Two of Wands sure is about good money and a good future. Couldn’t put a more emphatic graphic up there than that! First of all, he is surveying his real estate below, and he owns it (Yeah, you should know that’s the story.) and he’s got the globe in his hand. He stands upon the ramparts of his estate, which looks like a castle. This dude is in control, and he’s got things under control. He is the mortgage broker, the banker or bankster, the puller of the global strings. He’s The Man with the Plan. In Tarot Verbatim™ this card means a good future, the future tense to surrounding cards, future words like ‘will’ or ‘will be,’ security, pensions and bank accounts, real estate transaction, foresight and a good outlook.

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